not in stone

ok. i'm back. i did it. i managed to get my artist statement out on paper. i'm not going to post it here, but i will talk about the process a little...

i've been working and reworking my artist statement over a few years now. i suppose that an artist statement is something that is in continual revision as the work develops and changes. with that in mind i think i can live with what i've written....for now.

in the past, when i've tried to write one of these things, my self-conciousness would get in the way. this time, i decided to try writing it with a different approach - which was to write with a more personal perspective. (and not try and edit myself before the words even come out). letting it be about what i see and what i am thinking rather than what i was hoping the viewer would think. so there. it's done. if anything, it was an exercise in getting words out of my head and onto a page. there is something about writing it down - taking a stand. even if some ideas are temporary, the beauty is being able to see the continuous thread as it gets revised and figure out what's important to me when i make my work.

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