fresh stack

Super excited to get going on this pile. The newest addition to my studio practice this year has been making paintings on paper. Arches oil paper allows you to paint direct with no prep work! It's a dream to work on and has really made it easy to make paintings on paper.


Grand Canyon

Aerial view over the Grand Canyon. Doesn't come close to capturing the amazing experience of seeing this landscape from above.


The Artist-Gallery Relationship

A very helpful article was posted in the Brooklyn Rail today on the artist-gallery relationship and how to protect oneself. If you are an artist, I highly recommend reading this and getting comfortable with the concept of protecting yourself- from a business standpoint.

I know how easy it is to not want to worry about this kind of thing when relationships happen organically and everything is going well. But trust me, you will be happy to have something in writing when the unexpected comes up- especially if your relationship with your gallery hovers on the friendlier side- having an agreement in writing will hopefully alleviate some of the anxiety that can come with having to put your business cap on.

Ultimately, it's about clarity, communication and expectation....with something in writing for everyone to reference back to when you or they forget.

Read the full article here:



Worthwhisland Prints

Here they are! The limited edition series I've been working on with Worthwhisland. Click on the images to find out more information about the prints.





 WORTHWHISLAND is excited to announce its first collaboration with An Hoang.
Woven Range I, II and
 III are the first installment of six, ten-color black and white silkscreens exclusive to Worthwhisland. This limited edition series takes its inspiration from mountainous landscapes as the imagery weaves in an out of abstraction. 

An Hoang is a Brooklyn-based artist. She has exhibited at galleries including Susan Inglett Gallery, Halsey McKay Gallery, The Islip Art Museum and Livingstone Gallery in the Netherlands. The artist will have work in an upcoming show with Ballast Projects.  


Luther Davis Worthwhisland print

Master printer Luther Davis inspecting the upcoming prints produced by Worthwhisland. Get excited!


Worthwhisland - New print series

I'm excited to finally be able tell you I've been working with Worthwhisland on a new print series. Can't wait to show you. Stay tuned for the release!


In honor of Seamus Heaney

Posting this excerpt today in honor of Seamus Heaney.

For the full poem 'North' go here

by Seamus Heaney

I returned to a long strand,
the hammered curve of a bay,   
and found only the secular
powers of the Atlantic thundering.


works on paper

Here are some works on paper I've got going on in the studio. Most of the pieces on the table are paintings on paper (except for the 3 in the upper right). I've been making posts on instagram, so if you're interested you can find some studiocrumbs there too!  


Pioneer Works and Swingles in Red Hook

Pioneer Works is an incredible new art space in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Currently on view are beautiful drawings and works on paper by Ernesto Caivano. Don't miss the show. It's up through July 30, 2013. 
Pioneer Works

Ernesto Caivano

And then go get one of these!



Advice from Patti Smith

Patti Smith - words of wisdom. Thought this would be a nice way to start the week.


Orly Genger at Madison Square Park

Nothing like coming across public art to brighten up my daily route in the city.  I love the art program at Madison Square Park. It's always engaging work that allows me to pause for a few minutes and enjoy. Currently on view is an installation by Orly Genger. It'll be up through September 8, 2013. Take a minute to walk through the park if you're in New York - then you can stop and get a burger and milk shake at Shake Shack.




I've been working on this new series of drawings in the studio. I find the process of making them to be meditative- allowing me to just make the pieces without having to think too much. I am realizing that this is the secret to the creative process- not thinking. So one of the tricks I've set up for myself is to have these drawings I can work on - as an ongoing project- and a place to land in the studio when I don't have a full day or am in between paintings and want to be able to make something complete.

Untitled II, 2013
graphite on paper
9 x 6 inches


remembering rio

remembering rio
gouache on paper
12 x 9 inches


Parrish Art Museum

This weekend we had a chance to visit the new Parrish Art Museum in Watermill NY, designed by Herzog & De Meuron. Beautiful details and nice diffused light inside for viewing art. 
You can read more about it here

Parrish Art Museum 

Below are two great paintings by Fairfield Porter that were on view - especially 'Interior', a small painting that packs a lot of punch.

Fairfield Porter
'Interior', 1948
Fairfield Porter
'Laurence Typing', 1952


work on paper

Here's a new work on paper.

Untitled (memory)
oil and graphite on paper
9 x 6 inches


paintings on paper

One of the exercises I want to implement into my studio practice is to paint and draw from observation. I know this might be a basic practice for many, but it's one that tends to get pushed aside as I often find I am racing ahead to get lost in what I am working on....

I recently started making paintings on paper, while taking a break between larger paintings. Perhaps because I wasn't thinking about them as 'paintings' and approached them as experiments, and the fact that they were from direct observation, I found the process of making them to be really liberating.

I like the idea of starting the studio day with looking and observing. It seems like good practice....like practicing your scales when playing music - doing your warm-ups, fine-tuning, and gathering information along the way.


storm's a comin'

another new one from the studio. with blizzard hovering overhead thought this would be a good one to share with you today. 

Untitled (storm)
oil on canvas
10 x 8 inches


from the studio

untitled slope
oil on canvas
12 x 9 inches


new drawing

I've been working on this new series of drawings. Here's a recent one from last month.

graphite on paper
9 x 6 inches


E/AB Fair Jan 24-27

If you're in New York this weekend, be sure to stop by the Editions and Artists' Book Fair and visit Forth Estate's booth. Fantastic limited editions by contemporary artists. 
January 24-27

New editions by Glen Baldridge, Alex Dodge, Joseph Bryce, Brett Groves, Butt Johnson, David Kennedy Cutler, Eddie Martinez, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Lucy Raven, Phil Sanders, Sara Sanders, Louise Sheldon, Ryan Wallace and more.

The Altman Building
135 West 18th Street, NYC 
between Sixth and Seventh Avenue

24 - 27 January 2013
Thursday to Saturday 11am - 7pm
Sunday Noon - 5:30pm

General Admission: $15


New Year New Studio

Happy New Year!

I recently moved studios and am adjusting to making work in the new space. I am loving it and am excited to share bits and pieces from the studio with you here. Below is a picture of the new space before I really moved all my stuff in. 

In other news, have you seen this awesome new site MOMA just launched? Completely dedicated to the full archive of Louise Bourgeois's work in printmaking.