On Editing

I love this post on Agnes Martin and her editing process. Taking notes.

[Agnes] said 'go down to the studio, there are three paintings. Hanging on the wall is the one I want to keep, I want you to destroy the other two.'


de la Cruz collection Miami

One of my favorite parts of traveling to Miami was having the opportunity to visit some of the amazing private art collections. My favorite was the de la Cruz collection. Admission is free and open to the public. Our spirits were immediately uplifted and we felt completely re-energized after visiting. Below are a few highlights.

Wade Guyton painting, Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Glen Ligon
Glen Ligon

Gabriel Orozco

Jim Hodges drawings

Jim Hodges

Isa Genzken
Tauba Auerbach


Miami 2012- Art Basel, Untitled, Miami Project

I was recently in Miami, working Frederieke Taylor Gallery's booth at Art Context. I was grateful that I was able to get out and check out some of the other fairs. Though I didn't have a lot of time, I took some snaps of works that caught my eye and wanted to share them with you.

Lee Bontecou Art Basel Miami
Pablo Rasgado Arratia Beer Art Basel Miami
Mamma Andersson at David Zwirner Art Basel Miami
Laura Owens at Gavin Brown Art Basel Miami

Laura Owens at Gavin Brown Art Basel Miami
Joshua Marsh at Jeff Bailey - Untitled Art Fair 

Joseph Hart, Denise Kupferschmidt at Halsey McKay - Miami Project

Osamu Kobayashi - Boltax - Miami Project

Ryan Wallace at Morgan Lehman - Miami Project


Exhibition Habeas Corpus at Halsey McKay

A few images from the exhibition Habeas Corpus on view at Halsey McKay Gallery through December 31. 

An Hoang, untitled window, 2011, oil on canvas, 8 x 10 inches

An Hoang, through the trees II, 2011, oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches

Installation view

Installation view 

Installation view

You can see more images here and here


Finders Keepers Installation Views

Below, a couple installation shots of Finders Keepers, an exhibition I curated for Frederieke Taylor Gallery which is being hosted at TSA. For more images you can go here and here



(Image: TSA)
Getting the show at TSA ready. Opening this Friday, November 16!


Habeas Corpus at Halsey McKay Gallery, Opening Saturday November 17

Ted Gahl, An Hoang, Shara Hughes, Alisha Kerlin, Keegan McHargue, Jeanette Mundt, Sara Murphy, Ryan Mrozowski, Christoph Roßner, Lisa Sanditz, Ryan Schneider, Billy Sullivan, Paul Wackers, Chuck Webster

Opening reception for the artists: Saturday, November 17, 6-8 pm
November 17 - December 31, 2012 | Gallery Hours: Saturday – Sunday 11 - 6 pm

79 Newtown Lane | East Hampton | New York | 11937 | 631.604.5770

HALSEY MCKAY GALLERY is pleased to present HABEAS CORPUS an exhibition of paintings by Ted Gahl, An Hoang, Shara Hughes, Alisha Kerlin, Keegan McHargue, Jeanette Mundt, Sara Murphy, Ryan Mrozowski, Christoph Roßner, Lisa Sanditz, Ryan Schneider, Billy Sullivan, Paul Wackers and Chuck Webster. The right of habeas corpus has been a part of our country’s legal tradition longer than we’ve actually been a country*. The representation of the human figure has been a part of art history as long as paint has been used to depict images from the natural world. While this title is borrowed from its namesake writ, a more literal translation of the term commands us to “produce the body.” Across their varied practices, this group of painters consistently draw on modes of representation to inform their visual vocabularies. For this exhibition, habeas corpus is suspended as the figure is removed from their pictorial statements. Vacant interiors, littered landscapes, collections on display all show how human presence is evident even when a picture is devoid of human form. Far from voids, these “empty” paintings let us examine ways in which the human spirit lingers even when a body does not.
Please contact info@halseymckay.com for further information.
HALSEY MCKAY GALLERY | 79 Newtown Lane | East Hampton | New York | 11937 | 631.604.5770

*This American Life, Episode 331, 2007


ArtWalk NY 2012

I've donated a painting to this year's Artwalk NY to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless. Their annual benefit will still be held this Wednesday, November 7. Please join us for an evening of art auctions to benefit this very important cause.


November 7, 2012, 6:30pm

82 Mercer, NYC

You can find out more information about the Coalition for the Homeless here.


Thinking about friends and colleagues who got hit by Hurricane Sandy. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery! 

The Little Carousel That Could – how Jane’s Carousel under the Brooklyn Bridge, originally built in 1922 in Ohio, became emblematic of New York City’s resilience in the face of Sandy. (via dumplingboy)


Finders Keepers, curated by An Hoang, Opening Friday November 16th at TSA

Hope you can join us for the opening Friday November 16th!


Finders Keepers, curated by An Hoang for Frederieke Taylor Gallery at TSA.

TSA is a new Bushwick gallery located at 44 Stewart Avenue, #49 Brooklyn, NY, 11237.
On view from November 16 - December 16, 2012.
Opening: Friday, November 16, 7-10PM
Frederieke Taylor Gallery is pleased to present Finders Keepers, a group exhibition including Joseph Hart, Todd Knopke, Blaze Lamper, Andy Ness, and Justin Valdes featuring drawings, collages, and photographic prints. This show brings together artists who engage in a creative process which allows for discovery through the act of making. What is found by the artists remains to be discovered by the viewer. Whether it is an edge, a gesture or the way the figure is revealed, all the works provide for the experience of uncovering the hidden.
Joseph Hart’s works on paper examine compositional tension through an elegant balance of spontaneous and deliberate marks, heavy and delicate forms, and subtle gestures confined by thick layers of graphite. The detailed, constructed fabric pieces and photographic prints by
Todd Knopke, incorporate the textures, patterns and seams inherent in the material to form dreamlike compositions which transcend the original story of the clothing. Blaze Lamper’s enigmatic graphite drawings feature mysterious figures whose faces remain veiled while in plain sight. The watercolors and pencil drawings by Andy Ness explore personal themes of searching and wandering using recurring imagery of ships, airplanes, teeth, and the reconstructed body to form newly defined narratives. Incorporating airbrush, acrylic and pencil, the still-life drawings by Justin Valdes investigate the relationship between object and frame.
This is the inaugural exhibition for TSA which is affiliated with Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Philadelphia, PA.
For more information please contact info@frederieketaylorgallery.com or 646.230.0992.
Viewing Hours: Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm and by Appointment.
Gallery Location is 1 block from the Jefferson stop off the L-train.



new drawing series

working on a new series of drawings. will post more soon.


Hans Hofmann

"And so artistic creation is the metamorphosis of the external physical aspects of a thing into a self-sustaining spiritual reality. Such is the magic act which takes place continuously in the development of a work of art."

-Hans Hofmann, Search for the Real, and other Essays.


endless summer

getting back into the swing of things in the studio. here's a new small one from this summer.


woodblock prints

i did this print last summer and really enjoyed the process of translating works from one medium to another. in that particular case, a multiple translation occurred- painting to drawing to print. i knew i wanted to make another print eventually and that the next one would be an opportunity to try a different process.

when i saw the german expressionist show at moma last year, i put woodblock prints on my list of things to try.

this weekend, i received this awesome birthday gift of carving tools and have started to play around in the studio. can't wait to show you some process images!


in-between moments

learning to embrace the in-between moments in the studio...after traveling, digesting, and finishing up a few new paintings, i am now taking time to revise my artist statement, apply for grants, research, and catch up on other things.

trying to enjoy the not-making part of being an artist, reminding myself that i don't have to be making 24-7.

it's all about balance right?


Robert Creeley and Charles Olson

Have you read Robert Creeley's work before? It's so wonderful. One of my favorites is titled "The Place", originally from his book Echoes and included in his Collected Poems.

Also loving and reading Charles Olson's prose- his essay Projective Verse. And his letter to poet Elaine Feinstein.  There's a great piece about Cy Twombly....both were part of the Black Mountain poets

What are you reading these days?


ALASKA PART III - Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier

Approaching Sawyer Glacier and floating through Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska.