new drawing

Untitled, 2012
graphite on paper
9 x 12 inches

studying a new painting through drawing. 


3 to see

some works from the studio. seeing how a few pieces relate to one another.



When you hit a wall, just kick it in. 
-Just Kids, Patti Smith. 

a good reminder for the studio....

learning to let go of my own preconception of what i think a particular painting should look like. recently, i have gotten a couple of paintings to a point where they were almost 'done'...

in the past, i might have just finished these paintings to their logical state of completion....
i am now figuring out how to push past that point and let go of the image that the piece was becoming. i am realizing that once i  stop holding onto the idea that a work is almost done, i can actually move forward- because all of a sudden there is more space for exploration.  i think this is allowing the work to develop into something hopefully much better and more challenging than what was previously going to be the "finished" painting.

i think it's important to recognize when i am standing in my own way (of developing as an artist).  sometimes i need to remember to just kick in my own walls.

below, a detail of a work in progress.