Interview in Huffington Post

I'm pleased to share this snippet from a recent article artist Hilary Harkness wrote for The Huffington Post:

Over the past decade I've been intrigued by what stays consistent and what changes in Hoang's work. Her direction has moved incrementally away from representation into pure abstraction. Her brushwork has loosened up and become more varied and her palette has expanded, but newer bright colors surface as zaps and bursts and then submerge back into her twilight sensibility. As her paintings have become more abstract, she's also jacked up their emotive quality.

To read the full interview, please go here:



Installation images from my solo exhibition 
AS THE CROW FLIES at Halsey McKay Gallery in East Hampton, NY. 
On view through April 30. 


The Last Brucennial

Some installation shots from The Last Brucennial. 837 Washington Street, NY, NY. On view thru April 4. 

An Hoang

Katherine Bradford

Hope Gangloff

Lauren Luloff

Chie Fueki

Spring Break Art Show

An installation view of my two paintings in the Spring Break Art Show, curated by Adam Mignanelli for Ballast Projects. To see more installation images you can go here


The Last Brucennial

I will have a painting in the Last Brucennial. The opening is this Thursday, March 6, 6-10pm.

837 Washington Street (at West 13th St.)
New York, NY

On view thru April 4.


Carlo Scarpa at The Met

I recently learned that one of my favorite architects, Carlo Scarpa, also made stunning glasswork. Beautiful forms and techniques, an inspiring show of Carlo Scarpa's Venetian Glass is currently on view at The Met. On view through March 2nd.



I will have a few paintings included in Spring/Break Art Show curated by Adam Mignanelli of Ballast Projects. For more information go here. Preview Tuesday March 4. 

233 Mott Street
New York, NY 


not in stone

ok. i'm back. i did it. i managed to get my artist statement out on paper. i'm not going to post it here, but i will talk about the process a little...

i've been working and reworking my artist statement over a few years now. i suppose that an artist statement is something that is in continual revision as the work develops and changes. with that in mind i think i can live with what i've written....for now.

in the past, when i've tried to write one of these things, my self-conciousness would get in the way. this time, i decided to try writing it with a different approach - which was to write with a more personal perspective. (and not try and edit myself before the words even come out). letting it be about what i see and what i am thinking rather than what i was hoping the viewer would think. so there. it's done. if anything, it was an exercise in getting words out of my head and onto a page. there is something about writing it down - taking a stand. even if some ideas are temporary, the beauty is being able to see the continuous thread as it gets revised and figure out what's important to me when i make my work.