woodblock prints

i did this print last summer and really enjoyed the process of translating works from one medium to another. in that particular case, a multiple translation occurred- painting to drawing to print. i knew i wanted to make another print eventually and that the next one would be an opportunity to try a different process.

when i saw the german expressionist show at moma last year, i put woodblock prints on my list of things to try.

this weekend, i received this awesome birthday gift of carving tools and have started to play around in the studio. can't wait to show you some process images!


in-between moments

learning to embrace the in-between moments in the studio...after traveling, digesting, and finishing up a few new paintings, i am now taking time to revise my artist statement, apply for grants, research, and catch up on other things.

trying to enjoy the not-making part of being an artist, reminding myself that i don't have to be making 24-7.

it's all about balance right?